Uniswap (UNI) Price Analysis and Prediction

Uniswap (UNI) Price Analysis and Prediction


$Uniswap's medium-term technical prognosis has become more neutral since June after a rough start to 2022.

$UNI could end 2022 in the $3.30 to $8.00 range, roughly.

$UNI appears to be a strong candidate to recover when the current crypto winter ends because Uniswap is the major $DEX.

What Is $UNI?

A well-liked decentralized trading protocol called Uniswap is well-known for enabling the automatic trading of tokens related to decentralized finance (DeFi).

Uniswap, an automated market maker (AMM) example, debuted in November 2018 but has experienced significant growth this year as a result of the DeFi phenomenon and the ensuing spike in token trading. Uniswap seeks to increase trading efficiency compared to established exchanges while keeping token trading automated and entirely open to anybody who possesses tokens. By using automated techniques to address liquidity difficulties, Uniswap improves efficiency while avoiding the issues that beset the early decentralized exchanges. In September 2020, Uniswap took things a step further by developing its governance token, $UNI, and rewarding previous protocol users with it. This increased both the opportunity for financial gain and the empowerment of users, which is a desirable quality of decentralized businesses.

To support the trading of crypto assets, Uniswap uses a decentralized P2P exchange automated market maker (AMM), which diverges from traditional cryptocurrencies. It also enhances conventional exchanges. Let's look at some of Uniswap’s distinctive qualities before getting into the price projection. Uniswap has a special feature that offers liquidity directly from liquidity providers. It is linked to Ethereum and enabled as two smart contracts to earn interest (LPs). This aspect of Uniswap significantly helps to remove the barrier associated with token mining.

In a way, it encourages transparency by completely removing middlemen or permission. Consequently, digital assets are linked as pairs rather than as separate cryptocurrencies. As a result, the liquidity is controlled appropriately for these portions. When Uniswap chose to debut this token, $UNI, on September 17, 2020, during the Pandemic, it surprised the entire crypto industry because it is a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on ETH. All holders of Uniswap experienced magic as a result, becoming millionaires on September 17, 2020. While sweeping the cryptocurrency industry, a wave of platform governance tokens began to take control of the cryptocurrency discussions once more. Before moving on to a comprehensive projection of the Uniswap price, look over the $UNI coin details.

$UNI Market Position

$UNI’s Mixed H2 2022 Outlook: For Uniswap, the first half of 2022 was unquestionably awful. Utility and governance cryptocurrency $UNI from the Decentralised Exchange is currently trading slightly above $5.50, down nearly 70% year-over-year. Compared to its record high of $45, set in May 2021, $UNI has decreased by nearly 87 percent. $UNI/USD was trapped within a downward trend channel for the majority of 2021, which dragged it lower from about $20 to earlier yearly lows in the $3.30 region. However, $UNI/USD broke out of its downtrend to the north in the second half of June. Additionally, it succeeded in breaking out of a $3.30-$6.0 range that it had been trapped in since mid-May. Additionally, it was able to firmly break back above its 21 and 50-Day Moving Averages for the first time since April.

The bearish scenario is probably more likely to occur given the current unstable economic environment. However, there is an opportunity for a comeback later in the year if inflation does begin to decline as major economies slip into recession later this year and central bank tightening bets are subsequently taken back as a result. In the upcoming months, a $3.30 to $8.0 range seems likely. However, if $UNI were to fall under $3.30 support quickly, a test of the November 2020 lows just below $2.0 would be possible.

$UNI Set to Dominate Post-Winter Crypto Market: Decentralized Finance has been severely impacted by the current “crypto winter.” According to DeFi Llame, Total Value Locked ($TVL) across the space has decreased to about $65 billion as of Wednesday from levels above $220 billion as recently as last December.

As of July 13, $TVL on Uniswap's platform was down to about $4.7 billion due to the chilling effects of the downturn in major cryptocurrency values and the failure of Terra's $UST algorithmic stablecoin back in May. It temporarily reached $10 billion in November of last year.

However, after Curve Finance, Uniswap is still the second-largest decentralized exchange by $TVL, according to DeFi Llama. In fact, Uniswap is the industry leader in the Decentralized Exchange ($DEX) space by a wide range of other metrics.

For instance, by a wide margin, Uniswap is the largest $DEX in terms of trade volumes. On the previous day, Uniswap reported trades of nearly $900 million, compared to PankcakeSwap's $145 million and Curve's $94 million, according to CoinGecko.

Uniswap is now vying with Ethereum for the #1 rank among all cryptocurrency projects in terms of the daily fees that it receives from users of its platform. On July 12, Uniswap made slightly more than $3 million in fees compared to Ethereum's barely $2.9 million.

Even though Uniswap's $UNI coin has been suffering, daily fees have increased by around $1.3 million since the same period last year. Two years prior, Uniswap only managed to gather little more than $70,000 in a single day.

Because of its solid fundamentals, Uniswap has a good chance of dominating the $DEX market when macroeconomic conditions inevitably improve, enabling a wide-risk asset/crypto comeback. Its utility/governance token, $UNI, should do well as a result.

Some even predict that a few $DEXs might eventually surpass centralized crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase over the next ten years or so. The platform's creator, Uniswap Labs, asserted in a paper published in May that it could offer greater liquidity than its more centralized competitors, saving them money on trading expenses. The study claims that on a $5 million trade, traders may save $24,000 for the $ETH/USD combination.

Uniswap Labs announced on Twitter that the platform's total trade volume had topped $1 trillion in May. According to the firm, it “introduced fiar and permissionless trading,” “lowered the barrier to liquidity provision,” and “onboarded millions of people to the world of DeFi.”

According to data from Uniswap Labs as of May, the $DEX had reached $1 trillion in transaction volume despite having a very tiny userbase of only 3.9 million wallets. That, according to analysts, emphasizes how much room there is for further growth for the $DEX.

$UNI has every chance of rocketing again toward record levels in the years to come if Uniswap is to rule the $DEX scene for the ensuing ten years. However, it will take time for global macroeconomic conditions to improve (lower inflation, less interventionist central banks, and higher growth).

$UNI Technical Analysis

Up until the bears broke the daily price chart, the $UNI price was recovering. In spite of the optimistic efforts, the token only recovered about 48% in seven days, and the bears are still holding onto the market. To resume its recovery, the token needs to entice buyers, and they must do so fairly fast to maintain their prior efforts.

Bulls should pay attention to the volume since it supports the price and is still up 5% from the intraday trading session for $UNI. The bears caused the price to fall to $6.91 in the 24-hour session after it reached a higher high of $7.56. By keeping an eye on the previous data, analysts think that the price may decline much more.

One $UNI token is presently selling for $7.08 and has seen a 1.75 percent increase in market cap over the past day. The cryptocurrency had 212 million trades, a gain of 5.65% over the last 24 hours, and a market capitalization of $5.2 billion. The market cap to volume ratio is 0.04084.

Looking at the scenario on the hourly and daily price charts, it doesn't appear that the bulls will swiftly gain control.

The seller's signal line will make a negative cross over the buyer's line if the situation persists, as indicated by the MACD indicator's fading histogram, which indicates that sellers are in control. Additionally, we can see that the relative strength index is falling as the bearish pressure on the token increases as it gets closer to the overbought mark. The Bollinger band's support also suggests that a bearish rally is imminent.

Conclusion: Until the bears intervened over the daily price chart, the $UNI price was recovering. During the bullish efforts, the token regained about 48 percent in seven days. The $UNI trading volume has increased by 5% since the intraday trading session. However, the technical indicators point to an impending negative surge, so investors should exercise caution before taking any action.

Uniswap Daily Chart

$UNI Price Prediction 2022

The Uniswap price action, which only recently started late last year, will ride a positive trend into 2022 and continue riding news waves into 2023. The price movements of $UNI/USD were projected to take it to a higher peak set at $15 followed by an immediate severe decline by the end of 2022, somewhere between 2022 and 2023. Considering the first year, according to UNI price prediction 2022, the minimum price would reach $12 and the maximum price to $15. The typical cost would be $13.5.

$UNI Price Prediction 2023

According to Uniswap price prediction 2023, the price of Uniswap may fluctuate between $14 and $17. However, it is impossible to forecast with certainty whether these three years will usher in the coin $UNI's golden age due to a positive change in price. For the coin to host its performance on an exchange, there may be some significant changes in the crypto industry's scenarios, market positions, economic overruns, policy restructuring, or any other political reason.

Global economic conditions may also have an impact on the fluctuation of the Uniswap price, despite the fact that $UNI is renowned for being resilient and steady. The minimum price would be $14, and the highest price would be $17.2, according to Uniswap's forecast. The typical cost would be $15.

$UNI Price Prediction 2024

According to the $UNI price forecast, some analysts believe that price correction may also be effective during this time, bringing the price of Uniswap ($UNI) to $18 in 2024 while riding as a market maker. The cost might go up to $18.5 in the first half. The cost of Uniswap is also affected by regional variations. The $UNI token's future prospects are therefore bright, making it one thing that can be certain that it will achieve its ambitious ambitions. After revolutionizing the entire world's transactional landscape, the $UNI token sets out on a mission to leave a lasting mark on this ecosystem.

$UNI Price Prediction 2025

According to Uniswap Price Prediction and our own analysis, some predictions about the price of Uniswap in 2023 also point to $UNI riding the bull market by 2025; $UNI might even hit a new high of $22. Uniswap appears to be trying to break a record right now to solidify its position and demonstrate stability. In the first half, it would increase to $16, and the highest price would be $23 in 2025, according to Uniswap's forecast.

$UNI Price Prediction 2026

The mining event that preceded this year should cause a bullish movement, pushing the price of Uniswap towards a minimum price level of $25 for sure, claims the $UNI price prediction. It would eventually get to $26 and would reach $24 in the first half. This should be a strong Uniswap forecast, luring traders and individual investors to pour cash into the $UNI coffers in the hopes of a price increase.

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