Shorter Finance x Gitcoin Money Legos Hackathon Recap

Shorter Finance x Gitcoin Money Legos Hackathon Recap

The Money Legos Hackathon hosted by Gitcoin and Shorter Finance is coming to an end. Hackathons are always unforgettable events: the stress of a deadline, the various obstacles you encounter and then conquer, and the birth of something that can be polished and turned into a perfect product.

In three weeks, over 350+ engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs from across the world joined us to build incredible blockchain-based projects.They fought for over $140,000 in total prizes sponsored by 8 blockchain and business software companies. Each award was posted as a bounty on Gitcoin, guaranteeing that funds could be held and delivered to winners in a timely, direct, and secure manner.

Over 80 projects were submitted by hackers, ranging from complete dApps and blockchain tooling to documentation, social media integrations, and cryptographic primitives. You can check out the full list of projects here.

Gitcoin, Shorter Finance, and the hackathon’s sponsors had a fantastic time with the event and showcasing the projects at Money Legos Hackathon. It was wonderful to have all these excellent participants present their hack talent. We’re looking forward to more events in the future.

Join us and stay tuned

Shorter team will now work hard to launch our mainnet on Ethereum in August, create a transparent and reliable DeFi infrastructure and guide more and more developers willing to join our financial ecosystem.

You can access our documentation at and read our whitepaper.

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