Shorter Finance Community Passed the Proposal over Future Deployment on BNB Chain

There have been endless questions on what the crypto winter means for DeFi users and how they manage through the prolonged bear market. Shorter Finance has run stably on Ethereum for over six months, serving professional traders a risk-free way to profit from their shrinking portfolios and emerging as a game changer amid the DeFi Ragnarok.

​​On top of the core wills of IPI Labs is handing features of Shorter Finance to as many DeFi users as possible. Thirsty players have been drooling at fully decentralized infrastructures capable of leveraging money flows for months. Sending the never-have protocol available on multiple chains is more probable to play the silver bullet over the other means.

Taking the pathway paved by the fleeting proposal, Shorter Finance is about to bring its possibilities to BNB Chain, Binance’s EVM-compatible chain for users tending to trade on-chain with high-performance DeFi applications. As always, the Shorter community plays an integral role in deployment decisions, arming the product with applicable proposals and feedback.

BNB Chain is one of the most used chains adhering to Ethereum with its fast-growing ecosystem and staying competitive in the views of the people. The astonishing trading volume created by loyal users gave birth to many renowned apps across this ecosystem. The upcoming combination between Shorter Finance and BNB Chain will definitely amaze massive users with risk-free staking and derivative trading of up to 2,000+ altcoins. Let’s sit tight to watch the effects sparked by Shorter’s further deployment on BNB Chain!

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