Shorter Ambassador Program

Shorter Ambassador Program

In the next blooming months, Shorter will enter a new era populated with more updates and exposure.

Along with all the pre-launch preparations, we have processed applications for the Shorter Ambassador Program these days. Out of the CVs submitted by hundreds of Shorterists, we chose a handful of outstanding Candidates. Undoubtedly, they are about to play important roles to grow our community. Congratulations to them!

More uplifting news will come out, so please demonstrate your social energy and industry knowledge to us and get generous benefits by becoming an enviable Shorter Ambassador.

* The Shorter Ambassador Program stays activating long-term. Please contact us to claim your Ambassador / Candidate role in Discord, if you receive our email.


About this Program

Shorter Finance is a 100% on-chain infrastructure comprising venues for 2,000+ altcoin single-sided farming and customized derivatives trading.

Shorter’s ecosystem is rapidly expanding in the DeFi space — not only because of its close-knit community, but also because of its safety-first transparent management mechanism. Ambassadors are key ingredients to Shorter, contributing to the growth of this unprecedented protocol.

Drive Shorter adoption and promote the brand within your strengths, and bring honor and income to yourself.

Ambassador Benefits

  • Competitive Salary
    Receive a generous wage for your efforts in spreading the word about our brand.
  • Result-Oriented Bonuses
    Earn uncapped incentive income by consistently meeting monthly targets.
  • Network Opportunities
    Build personal relationships with Shorter team members, brand partners, and crypto influencers.
  • Public Recognition
    Host online or offline events and become the official Shorter representative in your area.
  • Mentoring Resources
    Enjoy training and guidance chances from blockchain industry professionals.
  • Exclusive Access
    Hear first-hand updates about Shorter’s upcoming features, official releases, and exclusive news.

Ideally You Are:

University students, graduate degree students, full-time professionals, and crypto community members, who are 18 years old and above, are encouraged to apply.

  • Passionate about and believe in Shorter Finance
  • Eager to get more involved in the DeFi landscape
  • Are excited to impact the growth of Shorter Finance
  • have good communication skills in English and additional languages
  • Are interested in networking with other people in the crypto community
  • Share your feedback even in stressful situations
  • Have LOCAL connections in the crypto spheres

If that sounds like you, then you are the one we’re looking for!

Your Responsibilities

As an Ambassador, you will be encouraged to be self-motivated and dedicated to producing measurable results while promoting Shorter in your country and playing a key role in building the local Shorter community.

Duties may include both content creating and marketing components, such as:

  • Weekly and ad-hoc tasks assigned by Shorter team
  • Embed into crypto communities, participating and building relationships in community hot-spots throughout Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and elsewhere
  • Generate research reports, market analysis, or video tutorials on emerging trends
  • Speak to influencers and represent Shorter Finance at local events
  • Strengthen our local marketing and business relationships
  • Reach out to potential partners for our DeFi product

How to Become a Shorter Ambassador

All you have to do is send us your resume and a cover letter explaining why you’d like to join our Ambassador Program.
Contact Us:

We care about:

  • Number of hours available to work per week
  • Personal social media energy (Twitter/Youtube/Facebook/Instagram etc.)
  • Voice in local communities
  • Whether or not have a personal community

Ambassador Ladder

  • 💎 Diamond Ambassador
    With the highest authority below the Shorter team, who can perform part of the management and task issuance/acceptance.
  • 🧊 Crystal Ambassador
    With the highest authority in areas of one regional language, who can perform task issuance/acceptance.
  • 🔶 Gold Ambassador
    Ambassadors who represent their regions and routinely perform tasks.
  • 🗿 Candidates
    Have the right to challenge Gold Ambassadors (can replace an existing ambassador by winning 2 consecutive tests.)

Ambassador Headcount

In areas of one regional language:

  • Diamond Ambassador: 3
  • Crystal Ambassador: 5
  • Gold Ambassador: 10

In one country:

  • Diamond Ambassador: 1
  • Crystal Ambassador: 2
  • Gold Ambassador: 4

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