[Announcement] Re-minting to the rulers over not withdrawing from the deprecated Committee contract settled

[Announcement] Re-minting to the rulers over not withdrawing from the deprecated Committee contract settled

Shorter’s Ethereum mainnet has officially launched for about six months, and it couldn’t be so robust today without the support from early Rulers. After another round of rigorous security auditing, the fresh smart contracts went live on the mainnet last week, aligned with our constant commitment amid this stable and secure running period.

For the 7 Rulers who didn’t have time to withdraw their deposited IPISTR in the deprecated Committee contract after the code maintenance announcement:
1/ We had already snapshotted your staked IPISTR amount when offlined the previous contracts and burnt out the tokens;
2/ The identical amounts of your belonging tokens have been re-minted to your accounts in block 16096802;
3/ You can check your wallet to see if the assets were received, or find it out on the Etherscan link below:(https://etherscan.io/tx/0x57524a81736bbaa613b7311b1d9c5a9917698b5eaa63b0567bd67d81d36b4080)

Tx for burning tokens in deprecated Committee contract:

Tx for re-minting direct into the Rulers’ wallets: 0x57524a81736bbaa613b7311b1d9c5a9917698b5eaa63b0567bd67d81d36b4080

Snapshot of the Ruler leaderboard right before its offline:

**Note: The address started with 0x68A7 is a deprecated account we used for a few administration operations, which would be rarely used now.

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